I neglected to post an “About” entry when I first started this journal and thought it would be a good idea to go back and do this now so that if anyone is interested they can contact me, or at least, know who is posting these movie reviews.

My name is Charles J. Van Heck and I live in Denver, Colorado. I am 27 and am currently a journalism student at Metro State College in Denver. My wife Leigh and I recently celebrated our one year anniversary. She is a school psychologist for the Cherry Creek School District and has an 11 year old daughter, Mikayla. We have been together for two years and have been enjoying every moment. She is a wonderful and supportive woman who has been very encouraging about me starting this blog.

My hope with this movie blog is to view and talk about films that I am watching in an open forum where anyone can comment on the reviews I post and add their opinions and thoughts on the film being discussed or a related movie or movie news item.  I am always open to recommendations that anyone has or anyone that is interested in making written contributions to the blog. I would like to make this as professional as possible and my hope is to build up readers and make this blog a resource for people who love movies as much as I do.

Thank you and happy viewing!

Charles Van Heck


cell: 720-425-5249


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